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Nativy Connect

nativy translations
simplified process diagram for ordering a translation

1. textblock(s) not o.k.

The user of your application is not satisfied with the translation of one ore more textblocks.

2. post textblock(s)

Let your user choose which textblock(s) need to be reviewed and post them to nativy connect (see API Methods: /order/{orderid}/review/{text_to_key} PUT).

3. textblock(s) reviewed

nativy connect calls your callback link (you provided before with the order post) with the orderid and text_to_key that has been reviewed. The callback link will be called for each textblock you posted before to be reviewed.

4. request textblock(s)

Your application can download the reviewed textblock from nativy connect now (see API Methods: /order/{orderid}/review/{text_to_key} GET).

5. textblock(s)

Store the downloaded textblocks in your application.

6. inform / show to user

Inform your your user (e.g. by email) that a review process of a textblock has been completed and show that textblock to your user. If that textblock isn't still translated well, please provide a link with the orderid and the text_to_key to your user:
nativy will intervene then and make sure that your user gets a correct translation.