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Nativy Connect

nativy translations
Description Posts a content file to be used in an order.
URL /connect/contentfile

api_key (required) string The public API key of the user. (Details: Authentication )
timestamp (required) string The current UTC timestamp (seconds from 1/1/1970 until UTC now). (Details: Authentication )
api_sign (required) string The timestamp encoded with HMAC SHA1 in use of the private key. (Details: Authentication )
language (required) string The short key of the source language of the text of your file. (Details: /languages GET)
file_name (required) string The name of the file.
file_base64_encoded (required) new string A Base64 encoded string that contains the data of the file.

Return values

Posting a Content File returns an object containing a reference code, called contentid. This (GUID) reference can be used in futher steps. (See more: /contentbundle POST

contentid  string The (GUID) reference code of the posted file to be used in further steps of createing an order.

Example return values