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Nativy Connect

nativy translations
simplified process diagram for ordering a translation

1. user needs translation

The user of your application chooses the texts he wants to translate and clicks on a button/link to get an offer from nativy.

2. Put translation order

Your application calls nativy connect (see API Methods: /order POST) with required parameters like source language, target language and the text that needs to be translated itself.

3. Translator ranking

Based on your parameters provided in step 2, nativy chooses up to 3 translators who match your parameters and returns them to your application. The translators are ranked by 4 criteria: frequent cooperation, strong text matching, quick delivery and low price (see API Methods: /order POST # criteria).

4. display translator ranking

It’s up to you how you display the ranking information, e.g. you may display just the first translator in the ranking which matches the user criteria best. Your may orientate on how nativy itself displays the ranking:

5. user chooses translator

In the picture above the user can click somewhere in one of the three rows to choose a translator, you may also display a button for each translator to choose.

6. display payment window

After the user has chosen a translator you have to open the nativy payment window. The URL to this window was returned before by calling /order (see API Methods: /order POST #return parameters).
Your application needs to append a "return_link" parameter to this link ("&return_link=http://...") before calling it, so nativy connect can call this "return_link" after the user has successfully paid.

7. payment

Users are able to pay translations via Visa or Master Card. The payment window looks like this:
nativy connect payment window

8. payment OK

If the user successfully completes the payment process, nativy connect calls the callback link (you provided before with the order post) with the orderid and "?paid=1" as parameters.

9. call and display your return link to the user

nativy connect calls the return link (you provided before with the order post) in the payment window.