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Nativy Connect

nativy translations
/order POST Posts an order to nativy and returns a ranking with up to 3 translators.
/order/{orderid} GET Returns an order with the translated texts (if translation is complete) from nativy.
/order/{orderid}/review/{text_to_key} PUT Invokes a review for a specific textblock (identified by text_to_key parameter). The user has to comment the textblock, so our translator knows what went wrong. After the textblock was reviewed, an automated post to your callbacklink (specified by you in /order POST) with orderid and text_to_key parameters will be made by nativy.
/order/{orderid}/review/{text_to_key} GET Returns an order and only one specific Textblock (identified by the text_to_key parameter) from nativy. This function is used to get reviewed textblocks that customers have rejected before.
/languages GET Returns all active languages from nativy.
/order/{orderid}/chat PUT Puts a chat message from the client into the meeting room for the translator.
/order/{orderid}/chat GET Returns all messages (or a specific message if parameter message_id provided) between client and translator ordered by date and time ascending
/order/{orderid}/invoice GET Returns the invoice as PDF for the order from nativy.
/languages GET Returns all active languages from nativy.