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About me

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, my native language is English and I have translation and interpreting certification for French to English and Spanish to English. I have worked as a translator and editor/proof reader since 1982. I studied French in France, Quebec, and Switzerland and Spanish in Spain and have lived and worked in Belgium, Italy, Hong Kong, Honduras and the Caribbean as well as Canada. I have traveled extensively in over 100 countries and continuously exercise my language skills. An accredited French to English and Spanish to English translator with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome (FAO), an approved translator and interpreter (French and Spanish) with the Insurance Corporation of British Colombia (ICBC), an Associate Member (French to English) of the Society of Translators of British Columbia (STIBC), which is under the auspices of the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC), and an Associate Member (French to English and Spanish to English) of the American Translators Association (ATA).

Professional experience

I have over thirty-five years of experience in translating, interpreting, editing and proof-reading. Below is a short list of only a very few of the hundreds of projects I have been involved in as a linguist.


·        From French to English:

o     Medical reports for a Quebec patient undergoing psychiatric treatment

o     A report on health facilities in Burkina Faso.

o     A 200-page monograph on Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Luxembourg.

o     Scientific papers for a medical (COPD) conference.

o     Websites and bi-annual bulletins of a non-profit Children's humanitarian aid association in Bali, Indonesia.

·        From Spanish to English:

o     Bi-annual newsletters for the website of an aquaculture company in Spain.

o     Environmental, Social, and Health and Safety Management documents for a Mexican mining company.

o     Engineering documents for an Ecuadorian oil company.

o     Spare part Purchase Orders for a nuclear plant in Argentina.

o     A 200-page monograph on Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Bolivia.

o     Scientific papers for a medical conference.

I also supervised a team of seven, translating (English, French and Spanish) legal and forestry documentation as well as daily in-coming and out-going office correspondence for 8 years.


·        For top business leaders on business trips in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

·        For immigrants and refugees visiting medical and lawyers' offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

·        In high-level business meetings between Asian and African, Asian and North American, Asian and South American, Asian and European, African and North American business leaders and governmental officials.

·        In the Vancouver court system.


·        Agricultural glossary in eight languages for the European Union.

·        Promotional and marketing brochures for Chinese timber manufacturer.

·        Websites and marketing material for East African tour operators.

·        Business and marketing books and articles, novels and short stories for a Canadian business woman.

·        Encyclopaedia monograph manuscripts, quarterly Bulletin of Comparative Labour Law; yearly edition of law text books Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations; Labour Law and Industrial Relations of the European Community; updates of encyclopaedia monographs, legislation, case law and codex of the International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in English for a publisher in Belgium/the Netherlands.

·        Marketing and other business materials for a Chinese-Canadian trading company.

·        Business books for an American business guru.

·        Books of poetry in English, French and Spanish for an American poet.


Administration, Advertising, Agriculture, Architecture, Art, Biology, Business, Commerce, Construction, Education, Environment, Film, Forestry, Health, Immigration, Insurance, Job Search, Law, Law Enforcement, Literature, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Medicine, Mining, Music, Photography, Poetry, Real Estate, Television, Tourism, Travel and Trade.

Education and Certificates

Master’s degree in Translation (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies, in Monterey, California, USA). I took my third semester of this degree at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (formerly ETI) of the University of Geneva in Switzerland.


Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC). I took my third year at the Université de Laval in Quebec, City, Quebec, Canada.


TESOL/TEFL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate, The Canadian College of Linguistics in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Community Interpreting Certificate – Spanish/English, Vancouver Community College, Continuing Studies, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Advantages for Clients

   1) Instant quotes on price and delivery

   2) Document upload and copy/paste functions

   3) Ability to hire a translator with or without a proofreader

   4) Online payment and ordering

   5) 500 language pairs

   6) Automatic notifications about order status, delivery, etc.

   7) Automatic invoicing

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