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My Own Agency

A Free Tool for Translators to Attract New Clients, Automize Project Management, and Get Found on Google

Get your own free Website with an inbuilt “instant quotes and 3-clicks-to-order” system, and never lose a new client to an agency again.

No more emailing quotes back and forth. No more lost files in your inbox. No more manual invoicing. And no more waiting to be paid for a job.

Welcome to My Own Agency!

How it works: 

Your clients see quotes only from you for your language pairs. ·

The final price displayed to them is your price + a 5% surcharge from Nativy. ·

For other language pairs, they see quotes from other professional freelance translators like you. ·

If they place an order for a different language pair, you get a 9% commission.

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Start Now

1) Register as a translator to get your own free MOA Website within minutes

2) Share your MOA Website on Linkedin, Facebook, and other marketing channels

3) Your new clients get instant quotes on price and delivery on your MOA Website, and pay online to place their order in 3 clicks.

4) Your payment is guaranteed as soon as the order is placed.

Absolutely Free. No hidden costs. No fees.

  • You set your own rates and schedule.
  • Quotes on price and delivery are calculated based on your rates and availability.
  • Nativy adds a 5% surcharge to your final price, to be paid by the client.

Why MOA helps attract and retain clients

1) You now offer enterprise services of a professional agency!

Clients often choose to work with professional agencies over freelancers because of the extra services they provide.

With MOA, you can provide your clients all the premium enterprise services that professional translation agencies offer: instant quotes on price and delivery, proofreading, editing, online payment, and more.

2) Your clients get premium services, but for a fraction of the cost!

Translation agencies add significant overheads to each order to cover the costs of project managers and other employees.

MOA offers the same—if not better—project management experience, but only adds a 5% surcharge to your price.

3) You can meet your client’s needs not only for your language pairs, but for 500 others as well!

Your clients might decide to switch over to a translation agency because they need additional language combinations. You might try to solve this problem by getting together with a few other translators but your language offerings would still be limited, and you might invariably run into problems of capacity.

With MOA, you are connected with 2800 other professional translators from 63 countries offering over 500 language pairs. On your MOA Website, your clients can get instant quotes not only for your language pairs from you, but also for the other 500 language pairs.

my own agency

   1) Instant quotes on price and delivery

   2) Document upload and copy/paste functions

   3) Ability to hire a translator with or without a proofreader

   4) Online payment and ordering

   5) 500 language pairs

   6) Automatic notifications about order status, delivery, etc.

   7) Automatic invoicing

my own agency

Free Marketing and SEO

Build a Solid Online Presence. Get found on Google. Welcome new clients.

MOA is your free online marketing tool with powerful SEO at its base.

Gone are the days where you were able to convert and retain prospects only by email and phone. In the age of the online translation agency, clients search for translation services online, and complete their order online in a few minutes.

To compete in such a market, you need to have a solid online presence, and you need to be found easily in search engine results. MOA helps you do just that.

1) Your MOA Website will rank higher than all your other online profiles. Guaranteed.

Your MOA Website is connected to the Nativy Translations domain, and to the domain used by all other tranlsators’ MOA Websites. This makes your MOA Website very important in Google’s algorithm’s eyes, as your Website is not just a standalone Web page, but part of a very large group of Websites related to translations.

2) Your MOA Website gets a SEO boost every time someone visits the Nativy Website or other MOA Websites.

Google determines how often your Website is shown also based on how many people visit your Website’s domain. This is great news for your MOA Website because all visitors to the Nativy Translations Website or other translators’ MOA Websites also count as your visitors, and in turn, tell Google that your Website is important and deserves to be shown more often in search results.

3) Your MOA Website is automatically a verified and “authoritative” source for translation-related search queries.

When determining which Websites to show in search results, Google also tries to ascertain whether a Web page is a verified authority on the subject of the query. Your MOA page will automatically be considered an authoritative source on translation-related queries as it is connected to the Nativy Translations domain.

4) Google considers your MOA Website more valuable and useful than a static information Website

In figuring out which Websites to rank higher in search results, Google is always trying to determine which Websites answer the question posed in the search query best.

Your MOA Website’s inbuilt “instant quotes and 3 clicks to order” system makes your MOA page significantly more valuable for the user than a simple static information page, as the user can instantly get unique quotes for specific jobs, and finish placing the order on your Website. Your MOA Website is therefore considered more valuable than a simple information page by Google, and is ranked higher in search listings.