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If so, then partner with us to provide them an extra service:

Professional translations in 3 clicks!

Integrating us into your Website or CMS is very simple, starting with an iFrame using only 5 lines of code, and optional add-on functions through Rest API.

The best part: you earn 12% commission on each order, while your client finds your software all the more comprehensive for offering this key service. You can earn a maximum of € 100 in commission per order.

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“Nativy is reliable and fast. We have made over 300 orders with Nativy over the past 4 years, and have been very happy with the service. It’s also great that we can choose to always get translators we have worked with before.”

Alexandra Geier, Produktmanagement Culinarium International, Wiberg GmbH

“Of course you can add us to your list of references. We are proud to be mentioned as a client with such an excellent company.”

Walter Mayer, CEO, Artax AG

“We are very happy to integrate Nativy's iframe into our hotel management software. Our 43,000 hotels can order now translations for their hotel descriptions from within our system. The iframe is very easy to implement.”

Bernhard Taurer, Feratel Media Technologies AG

How It Works

A.) Basic iFrame

Integrating with Nativy is easy: just add 5 lines of code to your Website or CMS, and let your clients use our professional translation service through a simple iFrame of our “create order” page.

What you do:

1. Register as a partner to get your iframe code

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2. Add 5 lines of code to your Website/CMS

 width = "1200"

3. Let your clients order translations!

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What you get:

12% commission on each order!

More Functions for your clients?

B.) Advanced iFrame, i.e. Basic iFrame + functions through Rest API

To make ordering translations even simpler for your clients, and customize our iFrame to fit your clients’ specific needs, we use Rest API to add functions.

The 3 most popular Add Ons:

1. Pre-filling of User Profile and Billing Address

To ensure that clients can avail of our full range of services (chat with translator, translation history, etc), each client is required to make a user account with Nativy before placing orders. With the pre-filling function, we extract basic user information from your database to pre-fill the user profile form, so that all your client needs to do is set their password and order translations!

2. Automated Text Export and Import

Your client might not even need to upload the text they want translated. In the case that your client edits or saves text directly on your software system, we can add a function that automatically exports text from your system to us and imports translations back from us.

3. Automated Billing

You might have a centralized billing account for your client, and want all their payments to go through one place. We can add a function such that all their translation invoices appear as part of your bill and all payments go through you.